Cheek Implants/ Cheek Augmentation

Valid surgical options for augmenting and enhancing the cheeks are fat grafting/transfer (where a patient’s own fat is used) or the use of solid cheek implants. A nonsurgical option is the use of injectable fillers to enhance the cheeks, which is covered on the dermal fillers page.

Why Cheek Implants?

The goal of cheek augmentation is to add volume or lift to the cheeks. Some people are bothered by their cheeks losing volume, or even sagging, with age. Others never develop the desired volume in their cheeks and are bothered by cheeks that may be considered flat or thin.

Cheek implants can restore a more natural appearance to the face after reconstructive surgery for cancer, other illnesses, or traumatic injury. Facial implants are solid implants typically made of medical silicon, which has a long, established record of safety. Implants can be custom-made to fit your anatomy, and you can choose to have only one, to balance asymmetries. Dr. Namazie may choose from a variety of implants, depending on the desired approach.

Cheek implants can:

  • Create a more youthful appearance
  • Create balance, symmetry and proportion to the entire face
  • Improve facial contours
  • Correct imperfections caused by injury