Neck Masses

Neck masses are fairly common in adults and they may also be referred to as growths, lumps, bumps, and tumors. Though most neck masses are benign, or noncancerous, it might be a good idea to visit a qualified ENT like Dr. Namazie for a proper diagnosis.

Neck Masses

A neck mass is an abnormal lump in the neck. Neck lumps or masses may be any size. They can be large enough to see or feel or very small. They can be a sign of an infection or something more serious, such as cancer. They may also be referred to as growths, lumps, bumps, and tumors. While the development of neck masses may not always indicate a severe medical issue, it is always recommended to have any abnormal neck swelling evaluated by a medical professional.

There are many various causes of neck masses. These causes include enlargement of lymph nodes, benign lesions, and caners. Upon evaluation of the mass, Dr. Namazie will be able to determine the cause of the mass based on location, size, and consistency.

After providing a diagnosis, Dr. Namazie will determine the ideal treatment options in the management of the neck mass based on the cause. Benign neck cysts and masses are often removed by surgery. Other causes, including cancers, may be treated by chemotherapy, surgery, or both.

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